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WePro is a dispatch and field management solution that connects office and field employees to better dispatch the most relevant technicians based on skills and location.

By automating the dispatcher duties, we can cut down on the time it takes to process leads and complete them successfully for customers. Our AI will help businesses increase profits and reduce office employee costs.

Why WePro

Sam Rottman established WePro because of a pain point he often experienced in his service businesses.

After dispatching more than 200,000 jobs for his home service businesses, he discovered pain points related to repeatable day-to-day tasks while dispatching that can be solved using AI. This method of dispatching allows for errors that could lead to the loss of potential customers, poor technician selection, and lengthy queue times.

After working with potential solutions, like Workiz, he quickly learned it was unable to provide everything he wanted in a dispatching tool. The more he looked, the more he realized no other software featured everything he wanted.

As a result, Sam was eager to develop his own dispatching software that encompasses all of the features he wanted, along with many features other solutions cannot provide.

WePro is the culmination of AI, automatic dispatching, and technician tools best suited for a wide range of service-based businesses.


We have identified a number of areas in which manual dispatching has presented many problems:

Loss of Leads

Due to a lack of streamlined communication.

Excess Consumption

Because of the manual labor needed to select technicians.

Poor Technician Selection

Due to the number of factors to consider when dispatching manually.

Long Response Times

From relevant technicians being
poorly located from the job site or poor communication.


The solutions we’ve developed to address the problems include:

Automate Technician Dispatching

Technicians are automatically dispatched by the app based on relevant data to the job.

Streamlined Communication

Communication between the office, technician, and client is all centrally located in the app, allowing text messages and phone calls. Numbers are monitored and masked for easy reporting and safety.

Technician Proximity Management

Technicians are not assigned jobs outside of their service areas and jobs near each other are scheduled via a timeline for the technician.

Prioritizing Technicians

Technicians are dispatched based on their skill set, location, and rate of closing leads.

Target Industries

✓ Locksmith

✓ Reestoration

✓ Plumbing


✓ Garage Door Service

✓ Landscaping

✓ Handyman

✓ Cleaning

✓ Tree Service

✓ Appliance Repair

✓ In-home Wellness

✓ Home Health

✓ Electricians

✓ Pest Control

✓ And More


Automating your dispatching and business operations allows you to invest more into other parts of your business.

✓ Relevant Customer Information for Technicians

✓ Track Profits, Upcoming Appointments, and Other Reports

✓ Accept Payments Any Way Possible

✓ Contact Customers Directly

✓ Track Technician Location and See Other Details

✓ Leave Reviews for Technicians After Job Completion


The Traditional Process

The WePro Process

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