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About WePro

The Story of WePro

WePro was established by Sam Rottman, an industry veteran who understood the numerous pain points that were often experienced in running his service businesses.

After dispatching more than 200,000 jobs for his home service businesses, Sam realized the positive impact of utilizing AI to automate repeatable day-to-day tasks. This method of dispatching solves manual dispatching errors that lead to such pain points as the loss of potential customers, poor technician selection, and lengthy queue times.

However, after working with existing solutions, Sam learned that they were unable to provide everything he wanted in a dispatching tool. The more he looked, the more he realized no other software had the ability to provide everything he wanted from a dispatching tool.

As a result, Sam developed his own dispatching software that encompasses all of the features he wanted, based on his years of running a successful dispatching business.

Today, WePro is the culmination of AI, automatic dispatching, and technician tools best suited for a wide range of service-based businesses.

Our Vision

WePro is here to revolutionize the field management industry by empowering the modern field workforce with cutting-edge AI technology to increase efficiency, accuracy, and overall productivity. Reclaim your time and your success with WePro today.

Our Values…

Prioritizing Customers

A good company listens to customers, a great one puts customers first.

Hire The Best

Great teams build great products.


In numbers we trust. We use data to make decisions.

Thinking Beyond Boundaries

The best results come from breaking free of limitations; best results come from thinking beyond boundaries.

Ten Steps Ahead

We always move ten steps ahead of the competition.

Building Trust

Trust is difficult to build and easy to lose; we lay the foundation of every relationship on trust.