Automation has made access to many essential services more convenient and accessible than before. Whether you need to order food or find someone to address a plumbing emergency, automation has made reaching those services much easier. This automation is also a major feature of any mobile app for service dispatch software. If you prefer the convenience and speed of a mobile app for service dispatch software, there are key features you want to look out for when finding the right one. 

5 Essential Features In A Mobile App For Service Dispatch Software

To make your search for a mobile app for service dispatch software easier, we will show you five essential features to look for: 

1. Automated Scheduling 

Automated scheduling is a must-have feature of any mobile app for service dispatch software. It is what makes any app for service dispatch complete. When you fill in a request for a service, the app will check your time preferences against the availability of listed service providers and use that match to schedule the service you need. The days of being on hold with a middleman are over now that the app can schedule the service on your behalf when requested. 

2. Route Planning And Optimization

Are you tired of waiting around, wondering if your service provider is even going to be punctual for the scheduled time? Do you wish there were a way for the technician coming over to easily navigate their way to your location without having to direct them over the phone? Thankfully, you can rely on route planning and optimization to take care of those things for you. Only the best mobile apps for dispatch service software will allow you to track how far your service provider is and, in turn, give that provider the best route possible to reach your location. The GPS connection will ensure a nice and quick response time to whatever problem you are facing. 

3. Real-Time Alerts 

Real-time alerts and reports allow you and the service provider to maintain a progress record for any job. While you take care of important errands, your mobile app for service dispatch software will alert you about the progress of a service being completed. Now, you no longer have to feel like you’re disturbing a technician while they try to focus on getting your garage door or home appliance back in shape. 

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4. Customization

When you need to use a mobile app for service dispatch software, you should use one that allows you to customize either the parameters of your request or services. The ability to include specific information about the services provided, employee schedules, range of locations serviced, and other information will ensure maximum efficiency and reliability in dispatching. 

5. Real-Time Communication 

The ability to communicate in real-time should be possible through more than just alerts. Messaging and reports are also crucial for a mobile app for service dispatch software. This way, a service provider can relay more specific information to customers, and a customer can provide the most thorough and accurate feedback possible after each service. 

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When looking for a mobile app for service dispatch software, be sure it includes the five essential features described in this blog. Automation, route planning, customization, and various forms of communication are what make any dispatch software complete. If you’re in need of better service dispatch software for your business, check out WePro, the latest and greatest in AI-powered dispatching technology. We offer all five of these essential features and so much more. Contact us today, and our free trial will show you just how much WePro will increase productivity and efficiency.